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Italy Photo Workshop

28 Sept - 03 Oct 2018
Venice • Prosecco Hills 

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A unique workshop

Make no mistake, this is a photographic workshop for folks who want to up their image quality. The workshop is unique in it's approach by having a working native Italian artist. Learn how the Italian masters of art applied light, shadow, shape and form to craft images that have withstood the test of time. Apply these concepts to your images every day and see the results. 

Venice and the Prosecco Hills / Veneto region offer world class image opportunities. From street photography to landscapes you'll be challenged and awed by the light, the setting and the history of the Veneto region of Italy. Your workshop staff with be on hand to assist with any technical, visual or artistic needs. Be ready to spend the day out and about as we are all about shooting, learning about the surroundings and immersing ourselves in the culture.

Suggestions for clothing, equipment, footwear and more will be in our Details PDF which is sent out upon receipt of your deposit. 

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Gloria Bordi

Gloria is a native of the Veneto region and grew up rock climbing in the Dolomites. She began painting at an early age and earned her Master degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. Her work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and is featured in private collections across Europe and the U.S. She moved to the U.S. and taught Italian and art at Stanford University before being hired by Esprit fashions to run their employee wellness, events and outdoor sports programs. Gloria has a passion for art, history, teaching and revealing the history and impact Italy, and especially the Veneto region, has had on the global art community. Gloria has planned some amazing opportunities for the workshop participants.  www.gloriabordi.com

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Rick May

Rick was just named one of the select on field photographers by Major League Soccer for the MLS championship in Toronto, Canada December 2017.  A Nikon 100 Year Anniversary Featured Photographer, (www.nikon.com/100th/welovenikon05) Rick is a world renowned landscape and sports photographer based in Seattle, Washington. His images have been featured in National Geographic, Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer team sites. He is the team photographer for the University of Seattle, & covers the MLS Seattle Sounders. Rick has extensive knowledge of the Nikon system and recently started shooting medium format with the Leica S. His Leica landscape work will be on display at the Bellview, Washington Leica store in March 2018. Rick's landscape work is in many galleries and he is widely collected. www.rickmayphotos.com


Bill Baum

Bill has a long history with photography, starting in high school shooting film (gasp!) and sports with a rangefinder Nikon. He went on to work for Eastman Kodak then Pentax, teaching photography and managing photography at marquis events like the Americas Cup, Formula One, and a variety of other sports. Familiar with many facets of photography having shot 4x5, medium format Pentax and Hasselblad for fashion and landscape work, he's now using Nikon and Leica gear for sports, events and portraiture. Bill shoots for many national governing bodies (NGBs) and the United States Olympic Committee. A former U.S. national & World Cup team alpine ski coach he was a downhill & technical team coach of the 1998 Nagano U.S. Alpine Olympic team. He has a lot of European travel knowledge & global photo experience. www.pixlproject.com



The building on the left is our hotel in Venice. The boat is the water taxi that will bring you to the hotel from the airport. We have an amazing two and a half days planned for Venice. You'll visit iconic photographic sites as well as places that the average photographer to Venice will never see. Join us for the workshop experience of a lifetime!


Prosecco Hills  
Veneto region

Known as the "Pale Mountains" for the light colored stone. The Dolomite region is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Mountain huts, towering spires and snow covered peaks offer striking photographic opportunities.
We'll be spending a day visiting ancient villages, vineyards, artisanal cheese makers and of course view the imposing peaks
that make the Dolomiti famous among artists from around the world.



Italian Cuisine

We'll be eating well that's for sure! Northern Italy is known for their food and cheeses. For those who imbibe the area is famous for Prosecco and Grappa and we'll be visiting a few wineries and vineyards. Eating local started in Italy so fresh produce, well prepared dishes and sensible portions are a hallmark of the cuisine. Each day will start with a European continental breakfast of toast, pastries, cereal, coffee and juices. There will be two team dinners. One on the first day of the workshop in Venice and the second will take place the night before we depart the Prosecco HIlls. 

You'll be on your own for lunches, beverages like espresso, wine, beer and cocktails as well as your dinners beyond the two provided by the workshop.


Reserve Your Experience

The workshop fee is $5,995.00.

To reserve your spot a 30% deposit is required. $1,798.50. 
May 1st 2018 the balance is due. $4,196.50
No refunds are possible after May 1st unless we can fill your reservation.

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