Thank you for checking out our workshop. We are super excited to be able to offer what we feel is going to be a very unique experience. Gloria Bordi is an amazing artist and we are lucky to have someone from the Venice and Veneto region of Italy to act as our guide, translator, and artist in residence. I can safely say that Gloria will bring as much, if not more, to your photography as will Rick and Bill.

The accommodations are first class. While you'll have a roommate in Venice it's only 2 nights, the hotel and location is amazing, and then our Prosecco Hills hotel features a private room for each participant.

We've all done our share of photo tours and we expressly put our own tour together to address what we felt were shortcomings in others. There is no preaching, no pixel peeping, no right or wrong and no bummer instructors. We want to see what you bring to the party and if you ask for an opinion, help or want an espresso drinking partner we'll be there for you.

Check out the workshop and we'd love to hear your thoughts. Even better yet we'd like to meet you at the hotel in Venice to welcome you to our workshop.

Bill Baum