Watch your ISO

Do  you find yourself in a situation, sunset or sunrise, street lights at dusk or dawn, and you boost your ISO to "get the shot?" Then you look at the image review and it's too bright or lost the feeling that you were trying to capture? 

High ISO camera capability is great for getting moments that might otherwise be impossible. Freezing the movement of a child running at sunset or the blowing out of a birthday candle. But setting the ISO to a high value like 3600 or 6400 or 12000 can change the way a scene is viewed. You are actually allowing more light to hit the sensor, compensating of course with shutter speed and aperture, than might be needed. 

In order to keep the feeling of an image sometimes it is necessary to lower the ISO and put your camera on a tripod. Try shooting at 100 ISO in those lower light moments and switch your camera to manual mode. Use the meter to underexpose the shot a half a stop and see what you get. Look for the detail to remain in the shadows and see if the sky or the street lights keep their "feel."

We'll have plenty of time to work these techniques in Venice on the workshop. In a city known for it's extraordinary light the opportunities will be in every alley, canal, and scenic cityscape. From early morning light, before our espressos, to the evening sunset we will explore all the ways to manipulate our camera settings to faithfully capture what we see.

Come join us! We still have spots available.

Bill Baum