Exciting Venice locations and Photokina.

We've been working hard to ensure our Venice / Prosecco Hills workshop is amazing. Recently Gloria has been on the phone arranging one of a kind opportunities at local artisan manufacturing shops. We'll be getting access to some of Venice's finest artists and manufacturers where photographers are normally not welcome. The details are under wraps but if you sign up we can share the excitement with you. Another advantage of having a local artist in our workshop!

There have been some questions regarding Photokina. If you'd be so kind to email us we can help with suggestions on lodging and how to obtain tickets. There are a number of flights from Cologne / Dusseldorf airport to Venice and they are quite reasonable. (Around €100).

Rick and I are discussing having a meeting, involving perhaps a beer and sausage, then maybe a photowalk with those Venice workshop participants who are attending Photokina. Stay tuned!

If you are flying into Germany for Photokina consider Frankfurt or Munich for a roundtrip. This way your flights will be more affordable, in general, and you'll have some travel flexibility. Arriving in either Frankfurt or Munich you can then take the ICE high speed train to Cologne for Photokina. Enjoy a coffee on the train and the scenery wizzing by at 220kmh. Then a one way ticket to Venice from Cologne / Dusseldorf and after the workshop a one way ticket Venice to Frankfurt or Munich. The Frankfurt airport has a Hilton and Hilton Garden Inn on site with great train service into the city from the airport should you wish to explore Frankfurt. At the Munich airport there is a Steigenberger hotel on site or stay at the Movenpick, just off the train line, and enjoy the headquarters hotel for the U.S. Ski Team when they are in Munich. 

Hope to see you in Germany and/or Italy!


Bill Baum