A different kind of workshop.

28 - 30 September Venice
30 September - 3 October Prosecco Hills


From the moment we meet at the hotel in Venice September 28th we'll be on the prowl for images. In addition to two professional photographers we'll have a renown Italian artist who grew up in Venice and the Veneto region of Italy. 

This is where Pixl Trips differs from other photo workshops. The classroom is the environment. We'll be out shooting instead of talking in a meeting room. Each day the staff will be ready at the crack of dawn to explore the opportunities, answer questions or share an espresso. The day will be spent out and about seeking unique images and trying new techniques. We'll have some exciting locations and photographic opportunities you won't want to miss.

Our artist "in residence" Gloria Bordi, will be talking about light, shadow, technique and the history of Venice on the Italian art movement over the centuries. Gloria is happy to discuss the architecture and history of Venice as well as visiting iconic locations. Gloria also and has an intimate knowledge of the Venetian food scene.


On September 30th we transition from the hustle and bustle of Venice to the tranquility of the family owned agritourismo (Agriculture touring) hotel in Codogne in the Prosecco Hills. We will have two 9 passanger vans so everyone will have ample room to spread out and relax on the short 2 hour scenic drive to our hotel. The vans will also give us a lot of flexibility to visit villages, vineyards, mountain huts and much more.

 Once in the Prosecco Hills we'll be looking for light. The morning glow on the vineyards, ancient villages, rolling hills and the rich sunsets that characterize the region.  The Prosecco Hills / Veneto region are known for some of the best food in Italy and are famous for the grappa and prosecco that come from the vineyards in the area.

The workshop starts 28 September in Venice. This allows participants to take in the first two days at the world famous Photokina photography show in Cologne, Germany. It is an easy flight from Cologne or Dusseldorf airport to Venice. 
Perhaps we'll see you in Cologne as well!